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Are your domains secure? Check your DMARC and SPF records now.

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Valimail for Microsoft 365 makes the service-discovery component of DMARC incredibly simple, providing a fully automated visibility service.

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DMARC Enforcement Made Easy

Prevent the high cost of hacks

Phishing attacks affect everyone. It’s the number one cause of cyber-insurance claims and the entry point for 91% of cyberattacks.

Secure all your domains with DMARC

DMARC is a trusted open standard that prevents exact domain spoofing, credential theft, account takeover, and much more.

Get the continuous DMARC solution

Securing more than 1T emails every day, Valimail is the industry vanguard DMARC enforcement platform.

3 Steps to Enterprise-Grade Email Authentication

Free Domain Monitoring

Valimail DMARC Monitor is a free, best-of-breed DMARC monitoring solution that identifies all third-party services sending email “from” your domains.

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Automated Enforcement

Valimail Enforce is the most effective solution for eliminating domain spoofing and getting to DMARC enforcement for more complex email

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Brand Consistency

Valimail Amplify is an automated BIMI solution that drives new brand impressions, increases email open rates, and controls brand consistency at scale.

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Customers and the world's largest email platforms

The DMARC Trailblazer

We're an active leader in key standards bodies, and we're FedRAMP-certified.

From Monitoring to Enforcement to BIMI

Why Choose Valimail

Unlimited SPF Lookups

Dynamic SPF technology has a 10-domain lookup limit, which isn’t enough for many organizations. That’s why Valimail automates SPF lookups.


Once you’re at enforcement with Valimail, proactively manage your DMARC status through custom alerts, so good email doesn’t get blocked.

DKIM Signature Validation

Valimail lets you add a DKIM key, ensures proper setup, including source IP so you reach and maintain enforcement with confidence.

Eliminate Need for IP Flattening

DNS updates are cumbersome, error prone, and lack validation. Valimail manages IP ranges so you don’t have to.

Brand Trust & Amplification

Our enhanced BIMI ad-on solution simplifies delivering secure, approved logos for authenticated communications and brand consistency.

Reputation / Brand Management

It’s not just the tech, it’s about protecting your reputation and your customers (from getting phished through fraud/impersonation).

Fastest time-to-enforcement

Email authentication requires continuous DMARC enforcement — most customers achieve it in four months or less.

The only dynamic SPF solution available

Valimail obscures SPF records from cyber-criminals so you’re not vulnerable to passive attacks.

Trusted by the world’s most-valuable brands

Valimail is the world’s leading innovator in DMARC, a trusted open standard that prevents impersonation attacks.

Trusted by the World's Most Trusted Brands